Don’t Listen

Don’t Listen
@ 2006 Craig Carothers

You made up your mind,
You made up your mind
But your hands still shake
Give it time, give it some time
You’re up on brand new legs

And all the bad dreams that you couldn’t sleep through
Will vanish in the distance and they won’t bother you anymore

Step into your new life
Hit the floor and kick up your heels
Circumstances from the past
Can’t hold you in their grasp
When You’re on a mission
And if anybody tries
To tell you otherwise
Don’t listen

After while, after a while
Those worry lines will fade
A few more miles, just a few more miles
When you’re beyond this place

And all the baggage that you carried this far
How can you claim it when that’s not who you are anymore?


I know it’s hard letting go
Take a deep breath, and take it slow