She Needs Me

She Needs Me
@ 2006 Craig Carothers/Tony Haselden

My baby got a hi IQ
Big job, big paycheck too
She's a gormet cook
Her vichyssoise is off the hook

She plays the fiddle and the violin
Depending on the kind of mood she's in
She can dance and sing
Hell, she can do anything

But still a woman's got needs
That call for a man like me...

When it's time to kill a spider
Take out the trash or change a tire
If there's a jar with a lid too tight
Or strange noises downstairs in the middle of the night

If it's raining I can walk the dog
And everytime the toilet's clogged
I'm down on my knees
Thank God she needs me

Cause she's the independent kind
A good woman of heart and mind
With a will so strong
It got her through the Boston Marathon

She's a pilot and an engineer
She's a fire department volunteer
Not a timid soul
And did I mention that she hablas Espanol

But I understand
That she still needs a man


When she's feelin' lonely
Or for a little heart to heart
And when she's in that special mood... like

When it's time to move the sofa
Or practice something that she learned on Oprah
Rakin' up a bag of leaves
Or haulin' off the christmas tree
Spider, tire, trash, or jar
Or just settin' up the VCR
I'm down on my knees
Thank God she needs me
Thank God she needs me