A Better Place

A Better Place
@ 1998 Craig Carothers

Now we’ll never work it out, never get it right
It wasn’t in the stars, though Heaven knows we tried
Somewhere in our history we got on different paths
Until only slings and arrows could get across the gap...but

Nothing can hurt you now
You’ve gone beyond the war and all that fighting
Just put that burden down (let that curtain down), we’ll speak of it no more
Whatever is done is done and time cannot erase all those memories
But nothing can hurt you now, or stop you on your way
To a better place
It”s a better place

It was always such a rocky road, forever bumping heads
We’ve both got our scars and more than a few regrets
But you shouldn’t have to try so hard just to get along
It doesn‘t matter anymore who was right or wrong ...’cause


Maybe in another life, another place and time
We’ll put our armor down and leave the past behind

REPEAT 2nd half of CHORUS