Invisible People

@ 1999 Graig Carothers/Gene Nelson

We came to a new world, tired of the old one
Hungry for freedom, heavy with prayer
It was a beautiful treasure, ours for the taking
Nevermind someone was already there

Invisible people

We were climbin’ in number in just a few generations
With frontiers to conquer and fortunes to make
So we hitched up our wagons and pushed ever onward
Never a thought for what lay in our wake

Invisible people, we can’t see their tears
They still cry out, but no one can hear
Invisible people (hey-yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh)

Now we come for the bargains, balloons for the children
Acres of parking opening day
But under the asphalt, the pride of a nation
Is buried forever, in the home of the brave