So Many Tears From Now

@ 1998 Craig Carothers & Gary Ogan

They fall for money, they fall for love
But everybody needs ‘em when the time comes
They fall in anger and pain
When those tears have fallen there’ll be more on the way

And when they overwhelm you
You cry yourself to sleep
You might be in mis’ry
But still a part of you believes...someday those

Healing waters will come raining down
When the worst is over and you’re still around
All of those healing waters will come raining down
But that’s gonna be so many tears from now

They fall for strangers, they fall for friends
Nothin’s gonna stop ’em once the flood begins
They fall in fear and regret
No sense complainin’ ‘bout the ones that you get...’cause


So many tears until tomorrow
So many silent in the night
But once you’ve cried out rage and sorrow
That’s when those healing waters will come raining down