Every Man’s Got A Mountain

@ 2002 Craig Carothers & Steve Seskin

I was sittin’ in traffic, starin’ out the window at a man/mom in an S.U.V.
Playin the back was 3 little kids, that’s a big responsibility
Day and night

And there’s an ambulance driver inchin’ his way, tryin’ to make it thru the crush
Doin’ his job, pickin’ up the pieces of some poor soul who was in a rush
I hope he’s all right

Now I'm thinkin’ ‘bout these people I never even met
You get so caught up in your own life, It’s easy to forget (that)

Every man’s got a mountain to climb
Every man’s got a mountain to climb
Every man’s got a mountain to climb
And most of those mountains are steeper than mine

This kid was flyin’ high, starin’ at the bottom, wasn’t gonna get much worse
Now he’s two days clean, his hands still shakin’, gonna lick this if it doesn’t kill him first
But the jury’s out

And there's an old guy sittin’ in a dark apartment, talkin’ to a picture of his lovin’ wife
Cursin’ that day the good lord took her, thinkin’ ‘bout maybe takin’ his own life
But that’s no way out

One look at their troubles, the tough road they face
I have to count my blessings, say a prayer for the human race (‘cause)


Now we live in a land, where there’s food on the table and you’re free to speak your mind
You can start out with nothin’ and make it to the top and dreamin’ ain’t a crime
And we take it all for granted

While there’s places with tanks in the street and no votes counted and oppression rules the day
Where there’s not enough to eat and no running water and all they can do about is to pray
And they mostly come up empty-handed