One Revolution

@ Craig Carothers/Sonny Tillis

Yesterday I was a stranger in a strange land
Goin' through the motions of my life
Every day just as empty as the last one
Happy ending nowhere in sight

Then this morning I met you
And right away I started to fall
What a difference a day makes
Here on this spinning ball... yeah just

One Revolution
Turned my whole world around
One Revolution
And everything's different now (everything changes somehow)

Used to be I was a total non-believer
I had no faith in love
Then suddenly you come along and like my savior
I find redemption in your touch

Just because you don't see it coming
Don't you believe it's too late
Someday your gonna feel something
And it's the tap on the shoulder from fate


Anyway that's my short story
And it goes to show you never know
Look at me, I was the poster child for skepticism
Just 24 hours ago