Give it Back

@ 2012 Craig Carothers & Randy Sharp

So good
Early on
But now everything
I thought was going right
Has gone wrong

So I'll go
Just give me what's mine
You stole it and you broke it
and if it's gonna mend someday
There's no way I can leave it behind

Give it back
I don't know what you want it for
If you're gonna treat it like
it doesn't matter anymore
Give it back
Cause it's done nothing to deserve
Being locked up in a cage
just like a prisoner
You torture it and tear it apart
If that's all you wanna do
with my heart
Give it back
Give it back

So sad
No doubt
But there's no use in pretending there's a chance
We could work it all out

So now
You're just wastin' my time.
I told you I was leaving
and I promise you I will
But you've still got one thing
that's mine