Give Up On Love

@2012 Peter Busborg/Craig Carothers

Maybe this is the long good-bye
Maybe it ends this way
But when did their perfect life
Turn into this sad cliche?

Suddenly she's livin' a cold house
All the fire is gone
Feels like she's fightin' for a lost cause
So she's gotta be strong...cuz

Won't give up on love
That's not what she does
When the road gets rough
'Cause she
She's the owner of
A heart both true and tough
She won't give up on love

Must be something that she could say
Something that she can do
But now he's so far away
Nothing seems to get through

She's so tired of livin' in limbo
While she hopes against hope
But if there's a chance that they could sill work it out
She's not gonna let go... no


She's waitin' on a miracle
And there's no guarantee, but...

She won't give up on love....

She won't give up on love
Won't give up on love
Give up on love