Wait A Little Longer

Behind the old school
Up on the mountain
We played in a Westinghouse box

It was our happy home
Second grade newlyweds
Smallest couple on the block

But, September more than seasons changed
When she moved away and we never found out
What would’ve happened
If we’d played a little longer

Cut to the drive in
Out in the valley
Two kids just barely seventeen

But we had high hopes
Of pushin’ the envelope
There in that borrowed Oldsmobile

We wanted magic on our perfect night
So be careful what you’re wishin’ for
‘cause when the baby came
We never found out
What would’ve happened
When you wait a little longer

Childhood dreams never disappear
You just file them away
I wish we could get back there from here
Back to the simpler days

Sittin’ here with you now
Out on the porch swing
It feels just like it used to feel
All the talkin’ thru lawyers
With kids in the crossfire
Just fades away like a fevered dream

And am I dreamin’ that we’re not quite through
Is there still a chance we’ll get it right?

If we don’t throw it away
And never find out
What’s would've happen
If we wait a little longer

Don’t throw it away
So we never find out
What’s gonna happen
If we wait a little longer

@ 1997 C. Carothers