10,000 Years

In 10,000 years when they dig up my bones
They'll know all about me and how I died alone
They'll find traces of salt from my drowning in tears
The ones that I cried
That fell on deaf ears
In 10,000 years

In 10,000 years when I'm the big find
They'll line up to see me, the last of my kind
I won't even be nervous at my own premiere
Come see the hopeless romantic
Long gone but still here
In 10,000 years

Feels like a lifetime alone since the day that you walked out on me
But I'm still hangin' on, yeah darlin' I'm down on my knees
Won't you please come home?

In 10,000 years I'll be makin' the rounds
Schools and museums
Every city and town
They'll be T-shirts, and keychains, coffee cup souvenirs
They'll be selling like hotcakes
Till they’ve all disappeared
In 10,000 years

Feels like a lifetime alone but I haven't given up hope
No I'm still hangin' on, but I'm near the end of my rope
Won't you please come home?
Please come home

In 10,0lease come home

In 10,000 years they'll unearth my remains
But I won't feel grateful and I won't feel pain
No I'll be as cold as the moon's atmosphere
The way you are now
So cold and so clear
And nowhere to be found
In 10,000 years

@ 2005 Craig Carothers/Phillip Coleman