Missing Me

She’s pickin’ up the dishes
In pieces on the floor
And pullin’ out the silver
Embedded in the door

When I’ve been out drinkin’
And try to sneak home late
She don’t throw tantrums
She just throws plates

Missing me, missing me
We may fight, but I’ll be allright
As long as she keeps
Missing me

She loves to toss a salad
And she can really chuck a roast
I’ve had to duck a turkey
And miss the gravy boat

I never used to worry
Let the chips lay where they fall
But hell hath no fury
Like a woman with a bowling ball

She went to see the doctor
And he stared into her eyes
And she came home wearing' glasses
Now I think I'm gonna cry

So now she's 20 20
And it don't look good for me
God I miss the good old days
Back when she used to be

Missing me, missing me...
Missing me, missing me...

@ 1997 Craig Carothers/Don Henry