Nothing But Time

I am eighty one years old
Anymore, nothing’s like it used to be
Most of all, me
My Elizabeth is gone
But her memory keeps me strong

I stare at her picture
My mind drifts away
And it feels like I’m with her
Lost in yesterday

I am twenty-three years old
Comin’ home, taking off my uniform
After the war
Lizzy is standing on the pier
I can see her smile from here

We found an apartment
And our place in the sun
And three children later
We were still two kids in love

I can’t believe how much it hurts
To be the one left behind
I always thought I’d go first
But now I’m left with nothing but time

When you’re young you can’t picture the end of the line
You run around thinkin’ you’ve got nothing but time

I am sixty-four years old
And You know, in seven months I can retire
It’s down to the wire
We’re busy makin’ travel plans
Second honeymoon in France

The neighborhood’s changing
And the kids are all grown
Me and the Mrs. have learned to love our time alone


@ 1996 Craig Carothers/Steve Seskin