Hangin’ On

We had a rift underneath the clouded moon
And careless words were said
You turned away and vanished into your room
And lay cryin’ on your bed

I ran upstairs and was pounding at your door
Though you warned me give you time
But all noise and fury I pressed the matter more
So no refuge could you find

I’m hangin' on
To the way it used to be
I’m hangin‚ on though you’re not comin’ back I know
I’m hangin’ on
There must be something wrong with me
For hangin’ on
I don’t know why I can’t let go

As you called for your carriage it started to rain
Though I begged you please do stay
You took the reins and shouted out the stallions name
And I watched you speed away

I rushed on to the stables and saddled my mare
And came after in good chase
Following the ruts that your wheels had laid there
In that dark and stormy race


The lightning flashed and the thunder hit
And the mare was spooked and shy
And out ahead I could glean your silhouette
Painted stark against the sky

Then one report from the cannons of hell
Caused your stallion to rear back
And the carriage turned over and you both fell
Disappearing into the black


I came upon you so still in the roar
And I pulled you to my chest
But your dear heart wasn’t beating anymore
And your lungs they held no breath

Three days later they laid you down
Though I could not venture near
But in the distance you’ll still hear the sound
The falling of my guilty tears

I’m hangin’ on
To the way it used to be
I’m hangin’ on though you’re not comin' back I know
I’m hangin’ on
A rope tied to a tree
I’m hangin’ on
And I’m never letting go

@ 2002 Craig Carothers