Sticks & Stones

Are you alright, am I all wrong?
How do you remember our time?

As a battle of will, or a contest of skill?
What is it that sticks in your mind?

I couldn't make you talk to me it cut me to the quick
I couldn't make you talk to me & I tried every trick
So when you wouldn't talk to me I tried to let It pass
If you're not gonna talk to me then I'm not gonna ask

What have I done now? What have I said
To make you act like you want me dead
No words or violence to break my bones
Only your silence like Sticks and Stones

Anyone's strong If nothing goes wrong
And there is no cloud in the sky

But when the goin' gets rough that's the true test of love
And we did not score so high

Too much resistance now the damage has been done
Can we go the distance till we're standing in the sun
If you could promise that you'd try to make amends
Then I wouldn't have to ask again & again


@ 1992 C.Carothers