Night Crawler

You met her down at Mario’s and told her you weren’t married
As you bought her a Campari and lime
You said you’d like to get acquainted
`but your place was bein’ painted
So she volunteered “hey let’s go to mine”

Later that night you return to your wife
Lying there in the dark never dreaming you are

A night crawler
Night crawler

It’s a get away weekend so you head out to the beach
And bring the kids so they can play in the sand
Then it’s a candlelight dinner at the grotto with their mother
Just because you’re such a family man

Later that night there’s that lady in white
Who you saw in the bar, she could tell that you are

A night crawler
Night crawler

Is it the measure of your kind
To take your pleasure in the slime?

Night after night you will turn out the light
Do you know in your heart just how lowly you are?

Night crawler

@ 1998 Craig Carothers/Angel Kaset