Welcome The Rain

Only sixteen when your world fell down around you
Fate can be mean, didn't take long till till the worst of it found you
No room for sorrow you made up your mind
Maybe tomorrow but now there's no time
For tears so you bury those feelings inside
For years until you almost forgot how to cry... but

One day you'll remember it all
Someday when the past comes to call
And ghosts appear whispering your name
And there's nowhere to hide from the pain
Then you'll welcome the rain

Out on your own nothing left to believe in
Scared and alone but you don't let 'em see that
'cause if weakness starts showin' soon word gets around
It's best to need no one then they can't let you down
Like before, and you're not really wounded if no none can tell
For sure, but aren't you just running away from yourself?... till


So you go on undaunted
And you smile your brave smile
But the truth is you're haunted
By the fears of the child

No room for sorrow
You'd made up your mind
But now it's tomorrow
So maybe it's time


@ 2002 Craig Carothers