Go Back Where You Came From

You hurt me, desert me and jerk me all around
Why baby, why baby?
I count on you for trouble and you never let me down

So go back where you came from
Go back where you came from
Before you even start, stop messin’ with my heart
(make my day, go away)
And go back where you came from, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You reject me then expect me to tremble when you call
Why baby, why baby?
But I’m a little wiser now, I look before I fall


Baby take an aeroplane
A taxi or an early train
I don’t care how much it costs
So long as you get lost
I’ll even pay your way
(back where you came from)

There’s no need to thank me for that pair of walkin’ shoes
Bye baby, bye baby
After everything you’ve done, it’s the least that I could do

@ 1998 Craig Carothers/Don Henry