The Sleeping Song

Birds won’t stop tweeting
They're just competing
With airplanes and cars that go by
To force me to open my eyes
When I'm sleeping

Outside my window
The garbage men tiptoe
As loud as they possibly can
I think it’s all part of the plan
To keep me from Sleeping

What is the deal with those people who yell on the street?
Or attach things that jingle and click to the souls of their feet?
When I'm sleeping

Out in his backyard
Some big tub of lard
Is hammering something to death
If I’d put him and that hammer to rest
I could be sleeping

That same car alarm that got yesterday started too soon
Is convincing a choir of canine to strike up a tune
So much for sleeping

Children are playing
And a part of me is saying
“Hey, what’s one or two fewer tots?”
The traffic would cover the shots, and I could be sleeping
Just one more unthinkable thought
That comes from not sleeping
I should be sleeping
Dear God, sleeping

@ 2001 C.Carothers/R.Sharp