Open Mike

Michael always signs-up every Thursday
He wants to sing here in the worst way
And That’s just what he does with his guitar

I’m glad he’s not ashamed to share his feelings
But his songs are too revealing
It’s pure torture to sit through his repertoire

Open Mike, open Mike writes the songs that no one likes
And his stories just go on and on and on
We came here to hear our friends, but his confessions never end
It’s just another long, long night of open Mike

He’ll tell you all about his operation
Tax return and Iowa vacation
Plodding through his weekly sing-along

He doesn’t care about rhythm, or meter, or time
It doesn’t matter if the words don’t... match
As long as he can spill his guts out in a song


One night he caught us laughing, and as he headed for the door
He said now you won’t have Mike McMichaels to kick around anymore...

Michael disappeared for a month of Sundays
Then he just showed up one day
And we all felt real bad for what we’d done

He sang a new song about the music business
And a darn good song about forgiveness
And a third song that went straight to number one

Open Mike, open Mike wrote a song that millions like
Now his royalties go on and on and on and on and on
We were laughing with our friends, but the last laugh in the end
Will be the copyright of open Mike

@ 1999 C.Carothers/D.Henry