The Nuclear Song

Nuclear radiation think of the changes we'll see
With all our funny mutations oh! how efficient we'll be

People will look like the places they were when the mishap occurred, oh well
We'll all be clad in the last thing we had in our hands the melted look has to sell

Chromosomal division two heads are better than one
Molecular indecision progress was never this fun

Soon we'll be able to swim in the ground and glow in the dark and that's keen and We will mate with a snake on a lark and we'll be mammal-fowl-reptilines

The fish will learn all there is to know about swimming upside down
We won't live in fear for thousands of years we just won't be around

And with atomic nutrition think of the dishes we'll make
We'll speed up natural selection turn up the climate to bake

And all will be lost in our own holocaust that we brought on by canning the ban
Population will be self imposed fricassee when the truth leaks out into the land

And when we're all breathing plutonium won't it be great?
Then the oceans will be seething two million degrees (centigrade)

And when Hanford breaks down and our genes stir around
We'll just ooze up and live in a tree
And when Trojan explodes we'll grow a new nose
On our wrist where our hands used to be

Babe, you and me we will live in a tree and be inseparably.. fused.

@ 1976 C.Carothers