How Little I Know

I gave her two keys in case she lost one
And I gave her my word, I've been all in since day one
No doubt of my intentions, No, my heart isn’t shy
From scribbled love notes to cursive in the sky

She is never on time, but I’m glad that I waited
And she is wise in her ways, and yet, understated
Like music, her love is measured by the space
But silence, to me, feels like running in place

She says she loves me…

But only shows it half the time
And I'd never let love flicker
If the choice were only mine
I'd turn the flame up quicker

But there she is surrendering
To what she can't control
And now she's being cool
She's going with the flow
How little I know

When she can't make up her mind she disappears for days
And all that she leaves behind is a mysterious haze
I guess hibernation isn't just for the bears
And once in a blue moon should be enough to know she cares

Proof that she loves me

But then she's in the wind
First sign of stormy weather
And I'm in the dark again
Tryin' to pull myself together

She knows who she is
And where she wants to go
Me, I'm more concerned
With what I need than what I owe
How little I know

I could feel her goodbye before over was spoken
Still I can’t talk myself out of being heartbroken
There was always the chance that I would end up getting burned
But one drop of pain is two drops lesson learned

She said she loved me…

So, if ignorance is bliss
This is heaven I suppose
Cause I don't understand,
And that's the way it goes

© 2016 Craig Carothers/Justina Shandler